About Omni

Omni Telemetry co is a progressive industrial automation development and consulting firm. Our experience and expertise span multiple industries and types of industrial control systems. With our diverse team of talented engineers and support staff, we ensure our clients effective solutions, as well as a positive working experience.


Electronics Steam Traps

Save 30% of your plant energy cost by installation electronic steam traps OEST900. A proactive electronic steam trap device, system, and method of removing condensate from a steam plant is disclosed. The device ensures a controlled drainage of condensate to maintain condensate level within a control band. The basic invention comprises and utilizes a steam trap chamber, a condensate level sensing system, a condensate level control system, and a condensate discharge system.


Cloudmatics energy monitoring system

We are the leading web based online data management of industrial field instruments, such as flow metering (gas, steam, air, water) and electrical energy. Our new DAC900 are best in quality, low cost reliable, high speed and are highly flexible. Over the air firmware up gradation of GSM/GPRS monitoring system and remote site data management are spectacular qualities of our system and 99.99% system uplink is specific advantages.



  • DAC 900               
    Latest GSM/GPRS data logger with integration of 8 flow meters. Firmware upgradable from remote site. Online configuration and data management, low power consumption and dual power backup. System may be hookup any of metering system at any location

  • FUSION                                                                       
    Micro modulation combustion control with O2 trim, now integration with coal fire boilers and sugar industry. Export start to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. New version with Burner Management System (BMS) and water level control will eliminates all 3rd party instruments/controls. Conserve fuel and electrical energy costs up to 7-15%

  • OGF 5400 PENTA                                                         
    Thermal mass air/gas flow metering system with excellent repeatability and accuracy on all ranges, end user replacing their existing old technology flow meters with our metering system due to low cost . Online Cloudmatics data logging and monitoring are additional value added features

  • OEST 7200               
    Electronics steam traps, excellent performance on all modes, digital level and temperature control with local LCD display. Intelligent control, auto air release and auto setup of firing time according to machine load consumption. Excellent latent heat transfer thus help to conserve energy cost up 10-30%